Major Art Project – Calling All Photographers!

Calling all friends/followers/photographers who travel and take scenic pics!

If you are a photographer (professional OR amateur) and are interested in participating in a BIG ART PROJECT, I have a DEAL (with incentives) for you!!!

I’m looking for scenic photographs of wide open terrain that you are willing to share with me so I can do very large, acrylic landscape paintings that will be no smaller than 3ftx4ft. Mountains, meadows, canyons, deserts, rock formations, anything huge that does NOT contain large bodies of water (small rivers and creeks are ok, but should not take up too much space in the photo). Your photograph does not have to be perfect or professional quality as I’m quite capable of working with even the shittiest photos (just ask some of my portrait clients lol).

These are paintings that I intend to eventually sell (originals and prints) and I’m extending a financial incentive to anyone whose photo is selected for my project. This arrangement will be made with an official, signed contract including the following terms (please read carefully before submitting your photos):

1. If/when I sell the original painting, I’m offering 10% in royalties. I’m also offering 5% royalties for sales of prints. I cannot afford to pay you up front, so royalties will only be paid to you once sales are made.
2. I’ll give you a significant discount if you wish to purchase the original painting or prints of your own photograph.
3. If you purchase the original painting, you may consider it an investment if you want to re-sell it for more in the future BUT I will expect a reasonable percentage of any sales and I retain copyright of the painting.
4. I want EXCLUSIVE rights to paint your photo, meaning you MUST agree not to allow any other artist to paint or draw the same photograph. This is specifically why I’m willing to offer royalties on sales instead of using royalty-free stock photos from public sites like Pixabay or Morguefile. I want my landscapes to be as original as possible.
5. You must be willing to help me advertise the finished painting and progress shots by sharing publicly on social media, with the goal of selling! Digital images will be watermarked to prevent theft. The promise of royalties should be a good incentive for this.

To submit your original photos for consideration in this project, you may send them to me by email ( or on Facebook Messenger.

This is an ongoing project and I will be accepting multiple photographs for multiple paintings over time. However, I will only be doing one painting at a time. Also, please share this post with your friends! Thank you!

**NOTE** I will be double-checking by Google reverse image search that all submissions are the original property of the person submitting them and not stolen from other photographers. SERIOUS submissions ONLY!

Below is an example of a 4ft x 4ft acrylic landscape painting I did for a friend using a reference photograph that they took during their vacation in Hawaii.


Creating White Fur, Part 1

In this video tutorial, part 1, I am demonstrating how to create soft, white poodle fur with charcoal.

What you’ll need:

  1. white charcoal
  2. Black charcoal
  3. Magic Black Eraser (just in case)
  4. Blending Stump