Featured Work In Progress

“Untitled” – 30in x 40in – Acrylic on stretched canvas



This large painting contains all the elements of my personal style and artistic background. All my life, I’ve been a wildlife artist and for many years my art was only in black and white; I didn’t start using color until just a couple of years ago. Even in my more colorful paintings, however, I use a limited palette (only a few colors per painting). In my earlier years, I didn’t even draw backgrounds; most of my wildlife drawings featured only the animals’ heads.

With this piece, I’m using almost exclusively Payne’s Gray and Titanium White. I used a tiny amount of Burnt Umber in the ears and Yellow Ochre in the eyes.

Despite the deceptive simplicity of “black and white” art, painting in grayscale is very challenging. Creating the illusion of texture, depth, and dimension using only 2 colors is a tricky undertaking as it requires many, many layers of paint in varying ratios of white to gray. In this painting, I’m also pushing my limits by attempting to mimic different textures: fur, clouds, trees, buildings, and concrete.

My purpose for this painting is to depict the idea of nature prevailing over mankind in the end. I’m going for a post-apocalyptic scenario in which the wolves, who represent nature, are still standing long after humans are gone.

I’m hoping to finish this painting in 2018 and have still not decided if I’ll be selling it. I may keep it in my personal collection for a while.